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Together we are Stronger

Small Art Works Online Release
December 3rd - 31st, 2021

The Release

Together we are Stronger is purposefully planned and painted during the pandemic, connecting one to another, much like a jigsaw puzzle. Symbolically they are holding hands staying connected to the Vine. These 12 pieces connect to form a larger coherent piece of  4 ft x 3 ft. This is the the first ever online release of its kind from my studio. Painting in 12 inch squares challenges me to be patient and focus on the small  little details. The colour palette of this series is vivid and bright which captures the essence of light streaming from the garden of my heart to yours.  


Original Artwork For Sale



Series Title: Rangoon Vines #1-12

Size: 12" x 12" x 3/4 "  

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Early Bird Price: USD 290.00 per piece (before 15/12/2021) 

Retail Price: USD 390.00 per piece

To purchase the artwork & for more details, kindly contact me at and state the number from this series. Free Shipping within Malaysia. 

When you purchase a piece from this series you will be partnering with me to donate 50% of its profits to orphans through Suriana Welfare Society Malaysia which is a registered child focused NGO

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