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Breakfast Friends in Bali @TheRoyalPitaMaha

Ubud (in Bali) is a beautiful holiday destination and The Royal Pita Maha is an exotic hotel nestled over 44 acres of rainforests cascading down to the Ayung River.  

It was during this trip  in early November 2016 when my dear husband booked us a lovely getaway holiday and when i least expect to meet anyone.   This is a story and a true story where chance  stumbled upon me where I met the editor of LuxuryWedding&Style, Oksana Flanagan. 

We needed to catch a hotel shuttle bus into town and I hopped into the little van and sat right next to this lovely bubbly lady.  We just chatted on our way down to town.

A  beautiful red Hibiscus is everywhere in this resort
The Wedding Pavilion of the Royal Pita Maha with sounds of running waters from the river nearby. A couple just had a wedding the day before.

 She asked me what I do and I also asked her what she does.  So I just showed her on my iphone the pictures of the artwork that I have been painting and her eyes just lighted up like a little child filled with great enthusiasm.  She told me she was an editor of a wedding magazine .......the short  conversation in the van wowed me.  This is an amazing woman with an awesome story.  She said " lets meet for breakfast tomorrow morning at 8:30am"     

Then early the next morning we walked to the breakfast area and there Oksana was already at the table.  She almost told me her entire life story

and my guess was right.... this is one woman full of determination and passion of what she does. 

And we became friends instantly.  

She said "You deserve to be featured as I have not seen anything  like it "   Hearing these words were like having golden apples falling from heaven. 

And sure enough Oksana launched her fabulous magazine with my painting entitled " Guardian Angels" on the cover of the issue in March 2017 and she gave me 13 pages of coverage.  I feel completely over the moon with such an endorsement for my work. I am ever so grateful for meeting such a woman with so much passion and zeal for excellence!   The magazine article is in Russian. 

Look out next in my blog for the translated version of the exclusive interview with Oksana Flanagan. 

Breakfast with Oksana Flanagan and her good friend

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